Top 6 Careers to Have in Genetics

The field of genetics is continuing to expand rapidly. While genetics used to be a wild concept in science, it is now a widely accepted field and has an endless form of practical uses. For those that are interested in genetics, there are many different career options available. These top six career options include jobs for those that do or do not have medical backgrounds.

Genomics or Immunology Scientist
One of the most advanced jobs for those with an interest in genetics would be to become a genomics or immunology scientist. These scientists have the responsibility of studying the significantly detailed aspects of genetics. They then figure out unique ways to apply this science in more practical approaches.

Laboratory Technicians 
A lot of the work done by scientists in the field of genetics is done in labs. These labs would not be able to function without the use of a laboratory technician. These technicians are responsible for overseeing the overall daily operation of these labs while also participating in a variety of studies. This can give someone without an advanced degree to be up close and personal with these studies.

Plant Breeder 
While there are a lot of roles associated with the future of human genetics, gene therapy is also having a major impact on the produce world. Through the use of genetics, we are able to create new strains of plant life, which could eventually cure world hunger. The plant breeder role is vital for the entire agriculture industry.

The world of genetics also needs to make sure that their work is understood and appreciated by the rest of the world. A journalist that is focused on genetics will be able to write pieces on current policies, innovation, and individual scientists. This is a great option for someone with a background in both fields.

Similar to any other type of medical field, the genetics industry is completely reliant on having individuals that are able to sell products and services. Today, those that are in the medical sales field will find that there is a lot of potential in the genetics industry. These sales professionals will be tasked with selling a wide variety of products and services produced by the genetics industry.

The genetics industry is very complex and requires a lot of capital to function. Along with this, there will always be a need for those that have a background in the finance or accounting industry.

When you are considering your career in genetics, it is important to consider your personal interests. Since there are so many different genetics jobs out there, you should look for one that meets your passions. This will help you to stay focused and eventually reach your professional goals.