Benefits of Climate Control Portable Storage Units

When moving or finding alternative methods for long-term storage, many people turn to portable storage units but neglect to consider the benefits of climate control portable storage units. Climate control is often considered a “luxury” feature, but there are many precious belongings that need to be stored in climate control settings to protect them.


Condensation will damage antique furniture, leather furniture and wood furniture. As The Washington Post mentions, humidity can lead to excess water that gets trapped in wood furniture through condensation. Wood furniture and accessories will begin to rot with too much moisture and can crack as well as contort into undesirable shapes. If you want to preserve your furniture in a portable storage unit for storage purposes or moving purposes, you want to make sure that you choose a climate controlled unit to prevent moisture build-up.


Many people choose to store musical instruments in portable storage containers so that they can easily access them when they need them without taking up so much room in their home or apartment. The problem with long-term and short-term storage of musical instruments is the they also react poorly to moisture and condensation. Too much humidity can warp wooden instruments such as guitars, pianos and violins. Excess heat and humidity can also damage the strings on string instruments.

Household Appliances and Electronics

The oven, the washing machine, the drying machine, the microwave and your personal electronics such as phones, TVs, and home audio systems can all suffer from extreme temperatures in storage. Moisture and condensation remains problematic, but cold temperatures are also dangerous. It is important before storage to make sure that any water present in the household appliances such as the washing machine or refrigerator has been emptied completely. Too much humidity will lead to mold that can make you and your family sick when you bring your belongings back inside. The United States Environmental Protection Agency advises that mold can not be completely eliminated from environments because mold spores travel through the air. However, the best way to take care of mold is to prevent mold growth by reducing humidity and controlling moisture reports the U.S. EPA.

Electronics can fail when overheated or when frozen. Electronics that are trapped in condensation can be damaged. If the condensation freezes and then defrosts inside of the storage unit, often the electronics are left in puddles of water. This damages the wires and chips that make up the devices. When you retrieve your belongings from storage, you want them to work. You want to be able to use your electronics without costly repairs.

Climate control portable storage units allow you to protect your belongings and keep them in pristine condition as they would be if they were in your home. It protects furniture, electronics, household appliances, musical instruments and personal items such as photos. Don’t allow moisture, humidity, hot temperatures or cold temperatures to ruin your belongings.