About Us

Formed in 2010, we have been blogging about business and start-ups with a passion, for nearly seven years now.

Blogerya is the brainchild of entrepreneur and inventor Chris Pearce.

Chris launched his first start-up on an unwary world in 2005. It flopped. Then he tried again. Still, it flopped.

In 2007 he was about to give up on the whole idea of ever working for himself, when he hit upon the winning idea and opened a retro café – instead of the two failed fashion boutiques, that he had previously tried his hand at.

Not only has this flourished and expanded since its opening, but now he has opened another two branches in different parts of Los Angeles.

He is now on the verge of opening his first outlet in New York, later this year.

In between running three businesses, he has found the time to start a blog about his experiences. This was because he thought it was important to share information with others out there, who might be thinking of doing similar to him (anyone out there wanting to sell distressed looking jeans in former garages – don’t!)

Precisely because he came up against so many problems and made so many mistakes the first-time round, he wanted to try and help others and prevent them from doing the same.

Although it is to some degree inevitable that your start-up is going to hit the ice at some point and it might even fail; if you have the resources to deal with it, then you can either overcome it or at least deal with it better when it does hit the skids.

Of course, Chris does not blog alone. He has since been joined by five other entrepreneurs, who contribute on a regular basis and invites other start-up businesses, to write a monthly blog.

Some of our contributors are CEOs of multi-national companies. Others are sole proprietors of one business, which they are still nurturing.

We know that not every start-up business is going to spawn a whole empire and that not every entrepreneur even wants to run more than one business. So, we have every type of business professional available to offer their differing perspectives.

Our bloggers write on subjects as diverse as, how to get funding for your start-up, to the emotional support needed to run a business.

And we don’t always just talk shop.

As well as welcoming debate, on our social media accounts (polite and friendly of course) we also like to chew the fat about anything and everything.

So, we would love to hear from anyone wanting to drop in and say hello!