7 Workout Exercises to Burn More Calories

If you are hoping to lose weight or get in a great workout on a regular basis, there are certain exercise you’ll want to focus your efforts on. The following is a list of seven workout exercises that will burn more calories than average.

1. High intensity interval training or HIIT

High intensity interval training is a great way to burn tons of calories. This type of exercise is also known as HIIT. You can use this form of exercise with any type of aerobic workout. For example, you can use it with biking, swimming or running.

Start by warming up. Next, go at 80 to 90% of your maximum speed or effort and work out for 60 to 90 seconds. Follow this with a period of light jogging, biking or swimming and then go back to the intense workout. Do this pattern at least five or six times before cooling down.

2. Soccer

In order to play soccer, you have to do a tremendous amount of writing, which makes it absolutely great for burning calories.

3. Basketball

Just like soccer, you will burn tons of calories when you play basketball. Again, this is because you’ll need to run up and down the court following the ball and your opponents.

4. Running

Running is a great way to burn calories. It’s the perfect cardiovascular exercise. You can run outside or on a treadmill. If you don’t have experience running, start with walking and slowly work your way to jogging. From there, you can pick up your speed and slowly be a real runner.

5. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to burn calories as well. The great thing about swimming in that it doesn’t hurt your joints, so if you have bad ankles, knees or hips, swimming is an excellent exercise. In addition, if you live in a hot area, swimming will keep you cool.

6. Biking

Biking is a great form of exercise if you like going full speed. You can bike on a stationary bike or go out side to get some hills. If you choose to bike on a stationary bike, you might consider taking a spin class.

7. Hiking

Last but not least, hiking is an excellent way to burn calories and spend time outside in nature. Like some of the other exercises listed here, hiking is great because you can do it with your friends or family members as well.

If you are interested in losing weight or finding a great workout routine that burns lots of calories, pick from the seven workout exercises listed above and you’ll be sure to find success. There are many options here that can be fun, social and good for your health and wellness.