6 Ways to Improve Your Exterior of Your Home

Homeowners wishing a fresh new look and homeowners who want to sell dress up the outside of their homes. It’s called curb appeal, and it draws the eye. Here are six tips for improving the exterior of a home.

1. Plants

When visitors pull in the drive, the first thing they notice about your home is the grounds. Keep the grass clipped and the trees and shrubbery neatly pruned. If there’s time to care for a garden, place pots of flowers on the porch and along a portion of the sidewalk. Hanging baskets on the front porch will lead the eye around to the window boxes at the windows.

2. Light It Up

No one wants to approach a door in the dark. To give a home a bright look, replace worn out light fixtures with new lanterns or carriage house fixtures. Hang a pendant light from the roof of the porch. Line the walkway with solar light fixtures, and use new fixtures beside the garage door. Soft LED lights on the stairs leading to the deck as well as pole yard lights also aid in lighting the way.

3. Paint The Front Door

A pop of color draws the eye. Painting the front door gives the house personality. The most popular front door colors are cherry red, bright blue, sunshine yellow, and grass green.

4. Buy New Hardware

Why prettify the exterior if its components are dull and out of date? For instance, new brass house numbers look good. An old, faded letter box on or beside the front door looks dated, so get a new one. Exchange the door handle, and dress up the hinges and doorbell as well.

5. Gutters

Cleaning gutters keeps them functional and minimizes that tired, worn look. They can be painted or replaced altogether with copper gutters and downspouts. This is a little expensive, but it looks amazing. Can you imagine how it will look on your house?

6. Siding And Trim

Nothing says new better than a coat of paint. Pressure wash the siding on the house. This has the added benefit of showing up any cracks or openings needing closure. Paint the trim either a contrasting color, or paint it bright white. Either way, it will be noticed. Add decorative shutters or paint existing ones. Painting them in contrasting colors adds personality to the house.

Freshening up the exterior of a home is a simple matter of color and balance. A coat of paint, a pot of flowers, and a couple lighting fixtures will give your home a fresh new look. Now get out there and give it curb appeal!