6 Ideas for Using Banners for a Signage at a Marathon

If you are in charge of scheduling a marathon, you’ll also need to arrange for the signage at the race. Banners are the best option for marathons. To do this, you’ll need to decide exactly which banners you want, and here are 6 great ideas.

1. Create a banner welcoming participants and viewers to the marathon.

First, you’ll want to welcome runners, workers at the marathon and those who just want to view the marathon to the event. You can do this best with a banner that announces the date, time and location of the event. Make sure that it is located as near to the starting line as possible so that everyone knows where they need to go.

2. Create a “Start” banner for the beginning of the race.

Of course, you’ll need to have a starting banner at the race. This should be at the very beginning of the race so that everyone knows when they pass it, the race begins!

3. Create a “Halfway There!” banner to encourage the runners halfway through the race.

To help encourage the runners as they run this extensive race, make some other banners that encourage everyone. You’ll want participants to feel that they are being supported. Marathons are extremely difficult, and you want to make sure that everyone finishes, if possible. To help in this endeavor, big banners that say encouraging and supportive words can greatly help.

4. Create various banner to cheer on the runners throughout the race.

Throughout the race, it’s important that the runners feel that they are accomplishing something great, so encouraging banners to cheer on the runners will be helpful and motivating.

5. Create a banner to announce where the “Finish” of the race is.

Naturally, if you have a starting line banner, you’ll need a finish line banner. This one should be celebratory in nature so that runners feel that they have accomplished something great, which they will have!

6. Various banners to announce water and food for runners.

Finally, consider having a banner every few miles in the marathon so that runners know where water stops are located. At the finish line, you’ll also want to have banners indicating the locations of food and water for runners.

Banners can be great for all sorts of events, but they are especially great for marathons. Not only will you need to have banners for the beginning of the race and those for the end of the race, but you’ll also want to have other banners throughout the race as you can see. Make sure to use the banner types listed above for the next marathon that you plan.