5 Tips to Buying a Brush Mower

If you need a brush mower that can successfully cut high grass on a large or small piece of land in an effective and efficient manner, several things must be considered during the buying process. A mower will only perform well throughout a landscaping project if it has a proper design, an ideal motor, a practical cutting blade, and beneficial accessories.

The Functions

The brush mower that you’re going to buy should be reviewed carefully because certain operational features can affect how general mowing tasks are tackled. For example, if you own a towing vehicle, a brush mower with a tow feature should be considered because it can eliminate heavy grass in large spaces during the hauling process. If you don’t have an tractor or ATV, a self-propelled mower should be considered instead. These units provide the best benefits in areas that have limited real estate, as the equipment can navigate around narrow corners with ease.

The Engine

Many reputable brush mower manufacturers design and build equipment that’s powered by unique engines. However, to ensure reliability and performance, you must select a mower that has enough horsepower to simplify typical mowing tasks. In most cases, a unit with a 10-horsepower engine can produce reliable results during all mowing situations. However, if you need to cut very thick grass, you’ll need a unit with a 16-horsepower engine or higher.

Cutting Components

All brush mowers have a unique cutting capacity that can impact how quickly grass is trimmed. Units that aren’t designed with large hardware can only cut saplings that are around one to two inches. Mowers that are bulky are more efficient because they can cut through grass that’s three inches tall without experiencing performance issues.


Proper attachments can make long landscaping projects easier to tackle and complete. The most popular accessories are:

  • Wood chippers
  • Snow blades
  • Snow throwers

Because attachments are designed with pins, the process of swapping out components is easy. In order to remove an attachment, the pin that keeps the locking mechanism in place must be lifted.

Blade Width

Mowers with a large cutting blade can trim grass quicker with less effort. Picking a brush mower with a proper cutting width is easy because the length of a blade is determined based on the design. Typically, units that don’t require a towing vehicle have a cutting range that’s around 24 inches, and mowers that operate with an ATV or tractor have an increased range of around 40 to 60 inches.