4 Important Questions to Ask Your Attorney When Settling a Case

This legal editorial brings up 4 things that you may consider before settling your case out of court. There are certain questions that you may have or options that you may have not considered up to this point in your case. You may have more questions that you need answered as you have made your way through filing a complaint in court and making your way through a complicated process and now you may have a settlement offer on the table that needs to be considered.


1. Do you feel that your case has been fully heard and considered by all parties?


Step back and ask yourself these very important questions. Do you feel that your case has been considered by all involved parties of record? Do you feel that there are things that still need to be handled or considered by your attorney of record? In your brief consultations with all parties, do you feel that your entire story has been considered? Was the injury aspects of your life fulling discussed as to how they have impacted your life such as your mental, emotional, physical as well as your monetary aspects discussed? Do you feel that you were just an assigned claim number to your employer or opposed party of record? Is your value as a human being been fully considered? Do you feel that you have been dealt with fairly and actually taken seriously, like the injuries that the opposed party may have inflicted upon you?


2. Has all of the legal options been fully explained and do you actually understand what they may be?


Another factor to consider before settling you case would be if all of your options have been explained and if in fact you actually understand what they might actually be? An opposed party will always be looking for a small settlement to offer before seeking other alternatives. Settling your case may not be the only choice that you have to consider. If you don’t feel that you fully understand other legal areas that could be discussed, then you may not be in such good shape to negotiate your legal case and settle it out of court.


3. Will your medical bills be paid after the settlement of your legal claim?


Has the medical bills that may have accrued during your case been paid? Will they continue to be paid after the case has been settled? The opposing party will always be looking for ways to keep costs down. One way that an opposing party will keep costs down would be to deny payments for any medical bills. The opposing party may only pay part of the medical bill, not the entire bill.


4. What does your future hold after the case has been settled?


Is it possible to put a price tag on the pain that has been inflicted upon you? The human body is difficult to understand, the complexities and the length of time that it will take your injuries to heal. When you move forward with your life, is the monetary compensation you receive actually going to be enough to sustain the injuries that were inflicted upon you.


When you consider to settle a case, these four crucial elements should always be considered. In summary, you should fully understand the legal options that could be available to you. An experienced attorney actually understands the law and they can offer expert advice on what route you should take.