4 Essential Reasons to Insulate Your Home’s Crawlspace

Winter is quickly approaching, which means the temperatures will only grow colder as the days pass. No doubt, you have already taken measures to ensure that your home stays toasty warm during the winter, but there might have been one thing you overlooked. Even if you have insulated windows and doors, particularly those you know to have air leak problems, there is one more part of your home you should consider. If you have a crawlspace, you can you should insulate that as well as it can offer a few benefits.

Why Insulate Your Crawlspace?

Your crawlspace takes up a considerable amount of space in your home. If you have your thermostat set to a high temperature throughout the winter but consistently notice that your floors are cold regardless, the crawlspace could be the source of the problem. This area plays a large role in affecting the temperature throughout your home because it can grow quite cold. Therefore, if you insulate it, the house can overall feel warmer and more comfortable.

Benefits of Insulating Your Crawlspace

There are four key benefits you can enjoy from having your crawlspace insulated. They include the following:

Warmer and more comfortable home: Of course, the main benefit you get from insulating your crawlspace is that your home feels warmer and overall more comfortable for the entire family. Your floors will feel warmer and you will no longer notice that persistent draft throughout the house. Sealing and insulating the crawlspace will make a world of difference temperature-wise, which is important during the winter.
Saves money: You will save a good deal of money and energy when you insulate your crawlspace. You will notice your heating bills are considerably lower over the course of the year and can save hundreds of dollars.
Saves energy: You will also save precious energy on your heating, which means you will no longer have to use excess heat from your heating system or feel the need to increase the thermostat. Thanks to the insulation of your crawlspace, your heating system will also work more efficiently, which saves a ton of energy.
Improved air quality: The air quality in your home will be greatly improved after you have insulated your crawlspace. The crawlspace is one of the spots in a house that is naturally damp, which increases the allergens in the air like mold and mildew. Insulation can prevent these fungi and other allergens from seeping into your home’s air ducts and can ensure that your family breathes better and deals with fewer indoor allergies throughout the winter.

Overall, insulating your crawlspace is a smart and even inexpensive thing to do. Your family will appreciate it all throughout this winter season.