4 Donation Themes for Giving during the Holidays

’Tis the season of giving! Did you know that about 1 in 3 donations is made during the holiday season? Donating to charity is the perfect way to give back during the most wonderful time of the year, and it can also be a great way to gift your loved ones.

If someone on your list is passionate about a cause – or if they are one of those impossible to shop for people who has everything already – consider making a donation in their name as a gift. It is a lovely gesture that, when done correctly, shows that you are invested in the things they care about.

Tools such as Charity Navigator can help you find the right non-profit organization to match up with your loved one’s causes. Charities will provide a letter or confirmation of the donation, and you can turn that into a nice card or certificate for your loved one to open as a holiday gift.

Need some inspiration and ideas? Consider giving around one of these 4 themes…

If you have an animal lover on your list, consider donating to an animal welfare organization in their name. This could be anything from a local shelter to “adopting” an endangered animal such as an elephant half way around the world. Before you give, do some research to find an organization that is aligned with your loved one’s favorite animals. You would simply be amazed at how many choices there are for reputable organizations doing great work to protect all the creatures on this planet.

Arts & Culture
Do you have an actor, musician, artist, or poet on your list? Consider giving to their favorite local theater, museum, or performing arts organization. These organizations help bring the arts to local communities, and also provide opportunities for youth and adults to participate.

If you know someone who has been affected by a health issue, then this can be a touching gift. Health issues can also be deeply personal, so make sure to choose wisely if you go this route. From research organizations to patient advocacy groups, there are charities for nearly every major illness and even preventative care to help children and adults receive the medical attention they need.

Social Causes
This year has seen a lot of ups and downs with social justice and human welfare. Everything from civil rights organizations to education to hurricane relief efforts are in need of support to do important work supporting people in need. People often feel a very personal connection to these causes, so be sure to choose an organization that is aligned with the issues that are important to your loved one.