3 simple tips for cutting a cigar

Cigar-smoking experience and enjoyment blend mostly with the stogie itself, so when it is cut poorly that can result in a less stellar smoke. A good number of people cut a big piece of the cigar, but with a few tips on the know-how, it will be quiet easy to have it just perfectly done. To make this process a success you will have to first understand the cigar’s anatomy.


Cigars are comprised of tobacco leaves that are tightly rolled, and around the leaves is another leaf, which acts as the outer cover of the cigar. The leaf is always the highest quality of the cigar as a whole, and it’s also the wrapper, in other words, it’s generally tobacco. If you are new to cigar smoking, here are three steps on how to cut the roll:

Have a quality cigar cutter 
If you happen to have cut the cigar with a wrong tool or you cut it wrongly the wrapper will definitely unravel leading to an unsatisfying/irritating smoking process.


There are a few different types of cigar cutters that are most common: guillotine, v-cut, and punch. The guillotine is the most common method out of them all – as it gives a straight cut. Just be sure that you have a good quality blade or you will not get a clean cut on your cigar. A v-cut exposes a lot more of the surface area of the cigar, which can lead to making the cigar smoke too hot – this is the least common method of cutting. A punch makes a small circular hole at the end of the cap.

Take a closer look at the cigar’s head 
The cigar’s head should be the part that is covered when it is still new and that is where you are supposed to put your mouth

The round piece of tobacco glued to the head of the cigar is for keeping the wrapper together (the cap). A distinct line marks this cap. You will need to make sure you first see it and where it ends.


Make a cut
Cut 3-4 mm on the tip of the cup and do it quickly, with a strong fluid movement.


If the cutter you are using happens to be a bullet punch cutter, then you will need to insert it on the cigars head to cut a small hole cleanly. Say you prefer your cigar giving out lots of smoke, and then you will have to insert the punch slightly in different places of the cap to adjust the hole in size.

The bullet punch cutter will be effective on Parejo cigars (standardly shaped cigars) but not on figurado cigars (non-standard shaped cigars). And after this simple procedure what you are left with is to put the cigar in your mouth and start smoking.