9 Inspiring Ways to Decorate for an Outdoor Wedding

While any indoor space can be beautifully decorated, there’s something liberating about picking out decor for an outdoor wedding. Outdoor spaces are like blank canvases. You can opt for any vibe imaginable without worrying about clashing with wallpaper colors or the style of the chandeliers.

These nine decorating tips will help you create a breathtaking outdoor space for the most important day of your life.

1. Create an Enchanted Forest with String Lights

String lights are cheap and highly versatile. To create an enchanted forest theme, buy tons of string lights and wrap them around the branches of trees. The soft, warm light will be just bright enough to illuminate your reception as the sun goes down.

2. Create a DIY Ceremony Aisle

In most cases, an outdoor wedding means that you need to create an aisle for the ceremony. Get creative with buckets, candles, flowers or string lights. The possibilities are endless.

3. Experiment with Vintage Furniture

Since an outdoor space is a blank canvas, you’ll need to provide display tables for things like the cake, the gifts and the seating chart. Instead of renting standard buffet tables, visit thrift shops for cheap vintage furniture that is full of character.

4. Simplify the Flowers

If you’re having a springtime wedding and your reception space has flowers that are naturally blooming, you can cool it with the big floral centerpieces. Instead of competing with the natural beauty of the landscape, stick to bud vases containing a single stem or scatter flower petals over each table.

5. Lawn Games

If your outdoor wedding is taking place during the day, some vintage lawn games like croquet and badminton provide guests with entertainment while also creating a vintage vibe.

6. Create a Lounge Area

Create a lounge area off to the side for guests who want to break away from the reception for a while. Find some thrift store couches and end tables that match your wedding color scheme. Or, for a more rustic look, simply throw down some picnic blankets and toss some colorful pillows under a shady tree.

7. Signage

If your wedding takes place in a large outdoor area, create some elegant signage to help guide guests to the ceremony area, the reception area and bathrooms.

8. Find a Scenic Spot for a Photobooth

Photobooths are all the rage these days. If your wedding takes place in a beautiful outdoor area, why not use a natural backdrop? Find an area that is full of flowers or offers an incredible view.

9. Use Flowers in Unexpected Places

For a springtime wedding, take advantage of the abundance of flowers that are in bloom. Place single flower stems in unexpected places. Fasten them to the backs of chairs, disperse them around the cake and hang them from string lights.

An outdoor wedding allows you to get creative while embracing natural beauty. We hope that these nine tips have inspired you to create a breathtaking outdoor space for your big day.