7 Simple Patio Furniture Pieces to Give as a Wedding Present

You are attending a wedding soon and want to purchase something for the happy couple’s backyard in their new home. Choosing presents can be a real challenge, and you want to give them something original. Some great pieces of outdoor furniture that would absolutely thrill them could include one of the following:

Dining Set
A set of chairs and a table would be the very best option. They could immediately begin using it for outdoor meals and impromptu happy hours with their friends. Four chairs would be great, but six chairs and a larger table would be even better. Choose a set that is made to last, so it can be something that they can enjoy for years to come. If there is more money in your budget, add a set of outdoor dishes or other accessories to the gift to make it even more special.

Outdoor Sofa
If they already have a dining set, think of a piece of furniture that they can use as a starter piece. An outdoor sofa would be something they can add on to over the next several months. Side tables, a coffee table, and extra matching chairs are all items that could complete an outdoor seating arrangement. Potted plants and other accessories would also help make this area pop.

Lounge Chair
If the bride or groom is a sun lover or if they have a pool, a lounge chair would be a perfect gift. Choose cushions that match their backyard scheme or even the colors used in the wedding. For extra punch, purchase two of these chairs so they can both enjoy lounging in the sun’s rays.

There is nothing more romantic than enjoying a glass of wine while swinging on a glider. These gliders can be made of wood or metal and can be covered or uncovered. Place pots of bright red geraniums on either side for more interest and visual enjoyment. This piece of furniture looks amazing on a front porch or a patio.

A simple garden bench made of wood, concrete, or metal will look stunning in a sunny corner of the yard or next to a bed of flowers. Add an inscription of the wedding date for an even more personal touch.

Rocking Chair
A simple wood or aluminum rocking chair can provide soothing moments in the outdoors. Think of how useful this will be when the couple’s first child is born. Add a small side table for that glass of wine or special plated dessert.

There is nothing that says “party” more than an outdoor bar. This simple piece of furniture will get much use during family gatherings and outdoor barbecues. You can even use it in the future for a child’s soda bar or ice cream station.

Purchasing outdoor furniture for a bride and groom is a smart move. Others will not think of buying such a unique and long-lasting gift. Every time the couple uses one or more these pieces, they will think of your generosity and thoughtfulness.