7 Great Fashion Trends for Children’s Clothes in Spring 2017

As spring approaches, the type of clothing for children will begin to change. You can often see children tossing aside the jackets and pants for shorts and tank tops so that they can stay cooler as they play outside. The trends for children’s clothing for the spring season of 2017 will include a few bright colors and a few items that you might have seen in the 1980s.

The fun look of straps that button or snap and shorts to make one outfit will be one of the top trends of the season. You can pair overalls with shirts of any kind with brighter colors being at the top of the list.

Pastel Colors
From pink to purple, any pastel will be seen on shirts and pants. You’ll notice that the lighter the color, the more popular it will be when it comes to clothing and even shoes. Pants for boys will likely feature pinks and yellows while girls will see more of the pastel flowers on shirts and skirts.

This is a material that is flexible and fun. Similar to what you might see on a tutu, the tulle material will add detail to everything from pants to skirts. You’ll notice that the tulle material is used to make complete skirts that have a layered look.

Going Metallic
This is a year when metallic colors will be all the rave. Gold will be a popular color, but you’ll also see silver when it comes to shoes and accessories. Most of the metallic colors will be seen on jackets and shirts.

Sparkling Away
Spring 2017 will feature an abundance of sparkles. It seems like this is the year to shine from head to toe. Dresses will be detailed with sparkles all over with blue and silver at the top of the list of colors. You’ll also notice a lot of sparkles on jackets and pockets as a way to add a bit of pizzazz to the outfit.

Multiple Patterns
Kids like to have fun, so why not go ahead and blend different patterns with their clothing. From stripes and polka dots to triangles and squares, you can blend just about any pattern with something else. It gives children a way to stand out in the spring while having fun at the same time.

This has been a design that some parents have steered away from in the past. Plaid can be seen as something for the older adult, but it’s veering to the children in 2017. Shirts for boys and dresses for girls will likely be the most popular with a plaid design.