6 Ways to Impress Your Boss with Your Presentation

Presentations are often the order of the day in the modern-day corporate world. Making a presentation is an art that ought to incorporate numerous factors, for the presentation to be impressive enough to convince the audience, and more importantly the boss. Creating one such a presentation takes more than just using an excellent PowerPoint presentation. Here are some of the six most important ways to create a presentation designed to impress the audience, your boss.


§ Be argumentative


Presentations are often meant to prove a point and convince the reader that your position is the best. In most cases, the point you raise in the presentation to your boss may not match with his preferences. To ensure that you convince him or her, ensure that you argue out and stand your ground. Part of the argumentation should be in the form of stating a fact and backing it up with the relevant points.


§ Pose questions in between the presentation


It is also highly recommended that you try as much as possible to avoid being monotonous. To do this, always consider provoking the thoughts of your audience, the boss, by posing and asking a question. Such questions, whether rhetorical or actual, are meant to engage the minds of the audience as well as show that you have rationally thought about the arguments you are presenting.


§ Be articulate


Sounding articulate is essential when you are arguing out a point to your seniors. It tends to show your confidence and unwavering command of the subject or facts that you are presenting. In most cases, such articulation comes in the form of being fluent, speaking out audibly enough as well as maintaining coherency of thought.


§ Cite contemporary examples


Most presentations are often about the past, present, or prospective performances of the company. Using actual facts that relate to the company would help the boss understand your dedication towards overseeing the success of the company. For instance, if you are addressing how to improve the financial performance of the company, point out some of the products that didn’t fetch well in the market and state how their sales can be improved.


§ Good command of non-verbal cues


In addition to your appearance, ensure that you use the right non-verbal cues when addressing the audience. Whereas your presentation may have some speaker notes, ensure that you use the right corresponding body movements, tonal variations, and facial expressions. These body cues add to making the presentation interesting and making a good impression.


§ Good physical appearance


Your presentation will be judged almost the same way as your appearance. An excellent physical appearance has more to do that just dressing well and officially. It also has to do that you show elements of good composure when addressing the audience. You should never fidget or avoid eye contacts with the audience as it shows shyness and lack of confidence.