6 Ways Li-Ion Batteries Are Used in Everyday Activities

Lithium ion batteries (also know as li-ion) have found their way into quite a lot of things that are used on an everyday basis. You probably didn’t even know it. Every time you plug a cord into a device to charge it, you’re charging a lithium ion battery.

What are these everyday devices that have revolutionized the modern world?

  • Everybody is using cell phones nowadays. The technology has improved so much that the landline is slowly fading into oblivion. Not only that, but cell phones are now used to play music, take photographs, and send text messages. As technology advances, the cell phone may eventually even displace the computer in all forms.
  • First it was the laptop computer, and now there’s the simple pad. But you have to recharge them. With the speedy rate at which technology is improving, the demise of the desktop computer has already begun.
  • Powertools have also now been freed from their electric leashes. Lithium ion batteries now power drills, saws, routers, sanders, and even the power trimmer used to put the finishing touch on a freshly cut lawn. In many instances, these tools have been manufactured to use the same battery, making it much easier to switch from one to another. Now there are even packages of powertools available like this.
  • Another everyday device now unleased are headphones. For years headphones had clunky and restricting cords. Today you can move about much more easily using smaller headphones or even earbuds.
  • Vaping is currently a hot trend. Can you imagine an oil vaporizer or electronic cigarette with a cord. Wouldn’t work, would it? Here’s another way the modern technology of lithium ion batteries can set you free.
  • Of course, there is the electric car. Lithium ion batteries may not free you from being connected to a power cord just so you can operate it, but they will free you from the hassle, mess, expense, and mechanical issues of continually having to put gasoline in it. The electric car also frees you up from contributing to the wealth of overseas oil barons.

The modern person has benefitted immensely from the advances in the technology of lithium ion batteries. Everyday activities are now accomplished with much more ease. The convenience and freedom of not being connected all the time is driving the mobile nature of society. With even further improvements and advances in lithium ion batteries on the horizon, you can expect to be even more mobile and free than you are now.