5 Ways to Honor the Veterans in Your Life on Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is coming up in America, so you are probably beginning to think about ways to spend that much needed extra day off of work. This year, consider incorporating into your celebrations an activity that honors the Veterans in your life. This article will give you 5 great ideas for putting a smile on everyone’s fact this November 11th.

1. Volunteer Your Time

Set November 11th as your deadline for volunteering some time at a Veteran’s Resource Center. Many of them host special events to celebrate Veteran’s on the actual day, and they always need some extra hands to pull them off! If you are interested in committing to a more ongoing celebration, Veterans Resource Centers are always looking for volunteers to share their wide variety of skills with Veterans in need. Visit the volunteer page of the website for the Veterans Association to locate opportunities in your area.

2. Make a Donation 

If you already have unavoidable plans for November 11th but would like to make a donation of money or goods, this is another great way to honor the veterans in your life! Visit the website of The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes to find out the many ways to give back, as well as for more information about volunteering time to Veteran’s organizations.

3. Attend a Fundraising Event

Look at your community calendars, and you may find Patriotic events with proceeds going towards Veteran’s programs. Have fun while giving back! For some inspiration, Vetfriends posted this list of Veterans Day parades by state.

4. Host Your Own Initiative

If you cannot find a Veteran’s Day activity in your area, gather your friends and family to make your own! Hold a poster, poetry, or essay contest. Collect donated items to create gift baskets for local Veteran community members. Approach your City Council or Chamber of Commerce about collaborating to start a Veteran’s Day tradition in your community.

5. Honor Someone Specific

If there is a specific Veteran among your friends or family who you know would be comfortable with and appreciate the spotlight, honor them individually. Hold a party for them or simply take them to dinner or coffee. Listen to their stories if they are the type of person who benefits from telling them, or simply take the time to do their favorite activity with them.

This year, make November 11th truly a Day for Veterans. There is something on this list to fit every schedule, every civilian, and every Veteran. Pick your favorite, or maybe even a few, and experience the joy of letting some special Veterans know how grateful you are for their service!