5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Their Septic Tank

Your home will have one of two types of plumbing systems for the effective disposal of water waste. Either it is connected to your local municipality’s sewer line or your home has a septic tank in place. While the initial cost of the system will be less when using your local sewer line, there are actually a few advantages to having a septic tank.

1. It’s environmentally responsible.

If you are connected to your local utility, you will have a sewer line leading from your home to the town’s connection point. There is always the possibility of a component of the town’s water filtration system to fail allowing the groundwater to be contaminated by raw sewage. If you use a septic tank, you have your own filtration system on your property, thereby significantly reducing the chance of contamination.

2. You won’t have a sewer bill.

You will have a monthly bill to pay for the disposal of your waste water if your home’s plumbing is connected to a local sewer line. With a septic tank, all of your waste water will deposit into your own tank resulting in no additional monthly expense.

3. A septic tank requires very little maintenance.

As long as harmful products aren’t flushed into the septic tank, there is very little maintenance required. The tank will just need to be pumped out every two to five years depending on the both the size of the tank and of the household using it.

4. It will last for many years.

A septic tank and its adjoining drain field are designed to last anywhere from 20-40 years. If you factor the cost of all of those months of utility bills against the cost of the septic system, you will easily realize the long-term savings.

5. A septic tank is less likely to backup than a municipal sewer system.

In times of heavy rains, public sewer systems can become overwhelmed with the water and backup into a home. If your home has its own septic tank system, there is probably also an on-site well where your fresh water comes from. You will also, most likely, have a sump pump installed which pulls water from around the lower level of your home and pumps it back outside. In the event of heavy rains, a homeowner with a septic tank system might monitor water usage as a safety precaution. But, they are already protected against any backup caused by weather related factors.

A home that utilizes a septic tank system not only has financial advantages, it also keeps raw sewage underground where it belongs and allows natures own resources to filter and clean the waste water.