5 Misconceptions About Working With an Attorney

The lawyer is one of the least understood and most maligned professions in America. When people need to work with an attorney, they often come into the relationship with many incorrect assumptions. Below are five misconceptions you may have about working with an attorney.

1. They’ll Use Legalese

Lawyers have been trained to largely avoid using significant amounts of legalese when speaking with their clients. A good attorney should take the time to explain the process to their clients in plain, easy to understand English. You being clueless does not help them win your case, because they need you to be involved and accurately understand your situation. In fact, even good contracts are not full of complicated legalese, because they need to be clear and precise.

2. It Will Be Too Expensive

At first glance, attorneys may seem to be prohibitively expensive. However, you must consider return on investment. Losing your case could result in significant loss of money, time and personal wellness. For personal injury attorneys, most do not collect a fee unless they successfully settle your case. Some lawyers will offer you payment plans and fees do vary by firm, so there are methods at your disposal to help you afford legal services.

3. They Won’t Care About You

Legal representation is a more personal service than you probably realize. Lawyers are people, just like you, and they understand that they need to empathize with their clients in order to provide the best service. In fact, because lawyers typically work with people in distressful situations, they and their staff are trained to be especially compassionate and understanding.

4. You Can Do It Yourself

Some people may think they can take care of their legal needs themselves and don’t need the advice of a lawyer. Wills and contracts are common documents people attempt to do on their own. This isn’t something people not trained as legal professionals are advised to do. Documents not drafted by a legal professional are not likely to be as comprehensive as they need to be, which can put you at liability in court.

5. They Can Lie For Your Benefit

No professional attorney would ever risk lying on a legal document or in court. To do so would be to jeopardize their client’s case, not to mention their entire career. You should never ask your lawyer to lie for you. If you do, they may even decline to represent you further. They will work to win your case from the facts alone.

It is very important for people to understand what to expect when working with an attorney. There are many misconceptions about lawyers that are widely believed among the public. However, seeing past those misconceptions will help you have a better working relationship with your attorney and help your case get resolved faster.