5 Couple Exercises to Workout With Your Partner

Working out is a fun activity that you can enjoy when you are doing it with a partner, and it becomes even more exciting when you do it with your life partner. How amazing is it when you and your partner help each other out to achieve the body of your dreams? The benefits of working out together creates a stronger connection, and you get to spend even more time together. Imagine taking workout breaks when you are both tired, and you support each other throughout the oncoming exercises; it builds trust, and it brings you close even more.

To give you ideas of the exercises you can do together with your loved one, below are five workouts you can try.

Passing Sit-Up

For this exercise, you will face your partner in a sit-up position having your knees bent and your feet touching. Using your arms, extend the medicine ball behind your head to the ground, and move with it to your sit up position. While you are sitting up, pass the medicine ball to your partner who repeats the same move with the ball. You will be feeling the resistance when sitting up because of the ball, but luckily, your partner will help you catch a break.

Reverse Lunge using the medicine ball

Medicine balls are great for couples because of passing the balls between the two of you. This is a simple exercise. The usual lunge usually employs one leg lunging forwards, but in this exercise, one leg will be lunging backward. When you stand up to lung on the other leg, pass the ball to your partner. You can do this when you are looking at each other, smiles might creep in to make the exercise more fun, but ensure you push each other to finish each set.

Lying leg throw-down

This is one challenging exercise for your legs and abs. It is also fun, and it can get playful because of how tough it is. To start out, lay on your back with your head close to the toes of your partner’s feet. Hold the calves or ankles of your partner, and raise your legs toward your partner.

When your feet are close to your partner, let your partner push them down as hard as possible. This will challenge your abs, and you need to ensure that your legs don’t hit the ground. You will be forced to pull the legs up again towards your partner. Don’t have to be tough on each other, but again, don’t be too soft.

Shoulder Plank

For this exercise, take up the plank position facing each other. Instead of just counting down, you can challenge each other to stay in the position longer. To make it more interesting, you can alternate touching each other’s shoulder while you are in plank position.

Wall Sits

After your workout session, you can stand facing away from each other with your backs touching. Using your backs against each other, take the position of sitting on an imaginary chair with your chest facing opposite directions and your thighs parallel to the ground. You need to challenge each other to stay in the position for as long as both of you can; this is where you will show support to each other. You can even interlock your arms for support.