5 Alternative Uses for Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are frequently gone unnoticed as they fill up the space surrounding us. If you aren’t careful you can quickly find yourself with a house full of glass containers leftover from various purchases. The great thing about glass bottles is that they are often very versatile and can be used for a number of unique and interesting projects. If you are seeking a way to avoid wasting your reusable packaging, here are 5 alternative uses for glass bottles.

1. Create a fun and memorable art project with the family.

Pinterest is full of interesting and engaging activities that the whole family can enjoy that involve turning a typical glass bottle into a masterful piece of art. Glass bottle art offers the opportunity to unwind and relax with family while saving precious resources.

2. Create lasting memories with holiday projects.

Spare glass bottles can also be used to create inspiring holiday decor. By painting bottles using traditional holiday colors, adding stenciled colloquialisms and holiday sayings, or decorating bottles with tinsel or lights, you can create the perfect holiday center piece!

3. Use glass bottles for storage and cooking needs.

One of the most beneficial uses for spare glass bottles include the development of storage and cooking aids. Glass bottles can be painted to accent other decorative items in the kitchen or used as is to store forks, knives, spoons, and kitchen tools. They can also be used as food containers after a thorough cleaning. Mason jars and glass soda containers are especially useful for this purpose.

4. Show off your creativity with trendy home decor.

Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are filled to the brim with ideas for turning glass containers and bottles into trendy home decor that can be sold or used frequently in one’s own home. Decorative candle holders, decorative desk organizers, candy holders, table center pieces, unique accent lamps, and wine bottle vases can all be created from glass bottles. Any of these home decor pieces can add functional beauty to a household.

5. Give you plants a new and beautiful home.
A commonly over looked use for spare glass bottles is a plant holder. Glass containers provide a suitable home for new plants while offering an interesting view of the plant’s growth cycle. This can be very interesting, particularly to young children who may be learning about the process. Glass containers also offer a beneficial place for plants to thrive by providing ample sunlight for the nourishment and growth of the seedling.

Whether you choose to utilize your spare glass bottles for art, utility, or both purposes, you can rest assured that you get the most out of your glass by considering these options!