4 Unique Uses of Tile in Home Décor

You’re remodeling a room in your house and you’ve decided that you want to use tile in some capacity… but not the typical one. You’re a creative soul with an independent streak and quirky style. You want that to shine through your space in a way that white subway tile just won’t evoke. These are four ways to play with tile uniquely in your home décor.

1. Skateboards

Re-purposing old items into new ones is one of the trademarks of a creative “do it yourself” (DIY) specialist. Might you consider utilizing old skateboards to make into completely unique tiles? Whether you go for a traditional rectangular shape or something completely different like circles, your tiles will be the only ones of their kind. The colors on traditional skateboards vary widely from black and white patterns to primary combinations to completely abstract pieces. After you install your masterpiece, you might even encourage guests to guess how the tiles were created for a bit of fun during your five cent tour around the house.

2. Patchwork Patterns

Rather than keeping all tiles standard or following a distinctive pattern in a backsplash or floor, you might elect a patchwork pattern. A random assortment of tiles across the space adds color, texture, and interest. Perhaps all of the tiles remain the same size, for consistency, or perhaps they vary in that aspect as well. Where to start? You might select a color scheme that evokes the energy you’d like to shine throughout the space and select textures and specifics from there. Bohemian and chic, a patchwork pattern is a memorable one.

3. 3D Tiles

Of course you’ve heard of tiles with different colors and patterns, but what about textures? Three dimensional tiles come with raised edges, ruffled patterns, lace accents, and various finishes. You might designate a backsplash as a three dimensional flower accent, or utilize the space to feature patterns of your family’s old lace tablecloth. Figuring texture into a tiled space adds character and whimsy in place of static and uniform.

4. Repurposed Tiles

In order to recycle and preserve a little sentiment, you might consider breaking up old tiles to create new ones. Fragments of ceramics can be pressed together to create new pieces. You can have these tiles designed specifically for your space, which means you pick the dimensions yourself. Custom tiles can accent more standard tiles in a special place. The investment speaks volumes about you and your story; personalization lends itself to any space.

Tile can be used uniquely in home décor to mesh well with any aesthetic taste or preference. Skateboard, patchwork, three dimensional, or repurposed tiles can help to individualize any space in a home.