4 Tips to Design Great Product Packaging

Although the primary function of packing is protecting what is inside, it is also essential to consider the design of the package. The right design for your product packaging is essential because it can attract potential customers for your product. It is the reason you should ensure you have the right package.

Here are four tips to design great product packaging

Understand and know your clients

When it comes to package design, you must comprehend and know your potential clients for the product that you are packaging. If your product targets women aged 18-25 then you must know the packaging must be different from the package for those aged 45-60. The package you design for both group should enable them to make the right decision with ease.

Consider testing various designs

You may design something creative and spend hours to come up with a thoughtful design, but it is essential to ensure clients respond to your designs. You should consider testing several designs with your target group. Discover the message being sent by each design and ensure it is the same message you want to convey to your customers. Since you already love your products, if you find the design appealing to you, it does not mean it appeals to someone else who does not know about your product.

Be simple! Use the words you need only

You want to ensure that if a client finds your package, he/she should tell with ease the product and the brand. Customers take a few seconds to check a particular item on the shelf, and this is why you should convey your message as quickly as possible.

The color used for the font should rhyme with the overall theme of the package. Concerning the text on the package, you only need to include the relevant information only. If you have any additional information, you think is relevant, you should put it at the back of the package. Customers are only interested in the most relevant information, and they will glance at the front of the package to find the summary information about the product. If they want additional information, they will turn the package to read it.

Be current

Even if you have a great and exceptional design, you should know it cannot stay relevant forever. You should keep on continually looking for a way to improve the design of your product packaging to ensure it is current. If the demands of the consumers are slightly changing, they may be emphasizing a feature that you put as additional information, and you only need to tweak it slightly.

Do not ignore the design of your product package. Apart from housing your product, it can also lead to attracting more customers and more sales generation. When it comes to colors, be careful because different colors may have a different meaning. Consider using the right colors for your design.