4 Tips for Cutting a Cigar

Many people find smoking cigars to be an extremely enjoyable hobby. However, most cigars aren’t ready to smoke without using a cigar cutter. Therefore, you’ll want to know how to cut a cigar before enjoying it. Considering that, here are four tips for cutting a cigar.

1. Choose the Right Type of Equipment 
The first tip is to purchase an item that’s made for cutting cigars. This is far better than trying to cut a cigar with a knife or scissors. While these items might work, it’s going to be difficult to create an even cut. Therefore, you’ll want to purchase a cigar cutter for this purpose. Cigar cutters protect your fingers while ensuring that you’re easily able to make clean cuts.

2. Purchase a Quality Cutter 
Obtaining a cigar cutter is great. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing a well-made cutter. Cheap cutters might not be effective at creating an opening on your cigar. Many people prefer to own cigar cutters that are dual-bladed. In turn, this helps to ensure that you create a clean and concise cut. While cigar accessories can be pricey, you don’t need to be a millionaire to find a reliable cutter.

3. Find the Top Cap on Your Cigar
After you’ve found a quality cutter, it’s time to find your cigar’s top cap. You’ll find that this cap is a small piece of tobacco that’s placed over the top of a cigar. This top cap will serve as a guideline for where you’ll want to place your cutter. If you cut below this top cap, you’ll be wasting part of your cigar. Cutting above this cap makes it difficult to achieve an adequate opening.

4. Make a Forceful Cut 
Most cigar cutters have two holes where you’ll insert your fingers. After moving your fingers outward, this should create an opening in the center of your cutter. This new opening is where you’ll place the top cap of your cigar. Once you line up your cutter blades with the top cap, push your fingers together in a forceful manner. This ensures that you create a clean and even cut instead of smashing your cigar.

To summarize, there are several important tips to keep in mind while cutting a cigar. Following the previously mentioned tips will help ensure you create an even cut. After cutting your cigar, you’ll only need to light it to begin enjoying a relaxing smoke.