4 Low-Cost Ways to Purchase Brass and Projectile Combos Online

Most people take up reloading to save money, but not everyone saves as much as they could. Most people focus on buying cheap brass cases, since those are the most expensive components, but it’s also important to look for discounts when buying other components. In particular buying combined packs of brass and bullets can save a huge amount of money for the average reloader.

Custom Packs

Some suppliers will allow shoppers to customize package deals by choosing from several different options. In most cases, that means choosing a specific caliber, and then picking from all of the components that are compatible with it. It’s common to include a discount when purchasing these packs, but the discount is usually smaller than the one of deals that don’t offer any customization. That makes this one of the best methods for reloaders that want to tweak their ammunition to get the best possible performance, but this isn’t always the best method for people who want to get their cost as low as possible.

Reloading Kits

Many suppliers also offer reloading kits that are designed with novices in mind. These kits will include all of the components that you need to complete the ammunition. While the ones that include reloading tools are often more expensive than buying the parts individually, the ones that do not include tools tend be excellent tools. Even experienced reloaders can benefit from the discount, so they aren’t just for novices.

Overstocked Supplies

Stores occasionally make mistakes and end up with far more supplies than they can sell. Package deals are a great way to get rid of the excess, so reloaders should always check the clearance section for combinations. This is usually the cheapest way to get the supplies, but you can’t rely on it exclusively because the availability is unreliable. It’s best to think of these deals as pleasant surprises, but not to plan on being able to take advantage of them to get specific items on a regular basis.

Personal Negotiation

Even stores that don’t offer combo deals are sometimes open to providing them when asked. Not every store will make a special offer, but the ones that are run by individual proprietors are often willing to make a deal. Stores that already offer combo deals also tend to be open to creating new deals if you need something that they don’t normally offer. They key to asking for a special combo deal is being polite and reasonable. You can’t expect to get a gigantic discount simply by asking, but a small one is often possible. You can never be sure that you will get what you want, but it rarely hurts to ask.