3 Hacks to Managing Multiple Franchises Efficiently

Managing multiple franchises is now somewhat of the normal state of affairs. Many big name franchises require franchise owners to open more than one new store in a set number of years as a part of the franchise agreement. This puts pressure on franchise owners to not only learn a new business model but also to expand their employees and number of locations in a relatively short amount of time. Here are some hacks to help make multiple franchise management less difficult.

1. Have a Hard and Fast Communication Plan

Managing multiple franchises means managing multiple managers and employees. This can be challenging to communication necessary additions to the operations or training plans, or even just to communicate everyday issues. This means that you should put a well-defined communications plan in place before any issues arise. If managers know how to reach you, and you have outlined clear expectations about how you are going to communicate with them, then this should lessen problems as you move forward. This is a good strategy for any group of franchises, no matter what type they are.

Different communications strategies will work better for different businesses and for different people, but if your managers and employees know how to reach you and where to look for information before contacting you, then many issues can be effectively solved before they became a problem that you have to deal with. Email can work for some issues, but perhaps you’ll also want to institute a weekly managers phone meeting or other strategies that work for your particular business set up.

2. Keep Training and Protocol Materials Updated

Turnover of employees can be fairly high in many franchised businesses, so it’s important that training materials and operations protocols are always up to date and presented in a consistent manner so managers can find the latest version and train accordingly. An internal website that managers have access to can be a great way to keep everyone abreast of changes and updates in materials. This can be especially vital when managing franchises because every franchise is expected to maintain the same quality and level of service, no matter their location.

3. Trust Your Managers

The best way to make your life easier as a manager of multiple franchises is to hire managers that you trust with your businesses. The day to day operations of a particular location will fall to this person, and without being able to trust them completely and believe in their training you will never have enough time to accomplish any of your goals. Provide these managers with a system for dealing with everyday operations and issues, proper training and regular communications procedures and you should be able to manage your managers, instead of having to manage every single employee in every single location.